Colossians: A Call to Holiness

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Colossians: A Call to Holiness

November 4, 2012

Colossians 3:1-11

Did you know that God has set you apart in Christ?  That’s what it means to be holy–to be set apart.  Christ-followers are called to display the awesome character of God in all that they say and do.  Too often, however, Christians don’t act set apart.  They participate in the same sins and hurtful behavior as anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus.  This week in Colossians, we hear the Word of God reminding us that Christians are called to be a holy people, putting down sinful things and putting on holiness.  Of course, this also comes with a well-rounded understanding of God’s grace.  Do you understand who God has called you to be through His grace and holiness?  Explore the Word of God with us as we learn together.


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