Colossians: A People Not Unlike Us

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Colossians: A People Not Unlike Us

October 7, 2012

Colossians 1:1-12

In the letter to the Colossians, Paul writes to a people not so different from us.  The people of Colosse faced daily challenges to their faith ranging from living a Godly life to false teachings.  These are challenges which every Christian today must also battle.  In this introductory sermon to a 7 week series in Colossians, we discover God’s Word setting us on the right path to navigate the challenging waters of life.  It begins with understanding our location and fixing our hope upon God.  As we do so, we find faith and love spring-boarding from abundant, God-given hope, and an inheritance far beyond what we could have ever dreamed.  Do you have the God-given hope you need to navigate through life’s challenges?


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