Colossians: As God’s Chosen People

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Colossians: As God’s Chosen People

November 11, 2012

Colossians 3:12-17

It’s tough to kick a bad habit, isn’t it?  One of the things that makes it so difficult is that when we want to stop a bad habit we have trouble finding a good habit to fill that area of life.  Praise God that He never takes something from us without giving us something in return!  As Paul writes to the Colossians, he states that they should “put to death” old ways of living, but then gives them new ways of life, encouraging them to be reflections of God’s character.  What does it mean to be a reflection of God’s character?  What new ways of life does God have to offer us?  Listen in as we learn together how to live a new life in Christ.


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