Colossians: Focus

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Colossians: Focus

October 21, 2012

Colossians 1:24-2:5

Have you ever tried so hard not to do something that you ended up doing that very thing?  This is proved true when we’re told, “Don’t drop the cake!” and only moments later we’re staring at the chocolaty mess on the floor.  Focus can be a tricky thing.  In a world of many flashing lights and bright attractions, it’s hard not to be distracted from focusing purely on what’s important.  As we examine Colossians, we observe that Paul was writing to a community that also struggled with distraction.  Yet, instead of telling the Colossians what not to do, he directs their focus to the person in whom all things hold together: Jesus.  Listen as we discover how God has provided all we need to focus on Him and thrive even in the midst of a life full of distractions.  Where is your focus?


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