Ecclesiastes: A Depressing Worldview?

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Ecclesiastes: A Depressing Worldview?

February 5, 2012

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

What is a worldview?  Everyone has one and each is as unique as it is personal.  Qoheleth (pronounced Ko-hel-let), the author of Ecclesiastes, introduces himself as a bitter old soul with a cynical view of life.  Yet as we peer closely at his critical questions and listen intently to his sardonic words, do we also find ourselves making similar statements and pondering the same mysteries of life?  After all, why do you do the things that you do daily?  What do you stand to gain from all your work?  Join us as we sit at the feet of Qoheleth and contemplate the meaning of life together.  And meet Christ–life-giver, game-changer.


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