Fire & Brimstone: A Preacher’s Trick?

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Fire & Brimstone: A Preacher’s Trick?

July 29, 2012

Luke 18:9-14
Matthew 11:20-24

Fire and Brimstone.  These words conjure up all sorts of images and memories in those who are familiar to them, and even with those who are not.  And most of those images and memories are not good, in fact, they can even be very painful.  Thankfully, most preachers today see this style of preaching as an illegitimate way to communicate the Gospel.  Yet, as we examine the gospels, we find Jesus giving a few fire and brimstone style sermons of his own.  So, we must ask the question, is this way of preaching a horrible preacher’s trick?  Or did Jesus speak this way for a reason?  We’ll find out together as we examine the gospels of Matthew and Luke.


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